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The Comedy Store in Hollywood: Smile Train Benefit Show

“A Night of Laughs and Smiles” A COMEDY SHOW BENEFITING SMILE TRAIN ————————————— Last November, [...]

Clearing the Mind: A Solo Colorado Retreat

Unplugging From the World: 4 Days of Introspection ——————— Last year was one of the [...]

4 Reasons To Cut Toxic People Out

YOUR FRIENDS WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOU Aaaaand that’s all folks! The end. Goodbye. See [...]

Meditating at Sea

HELLO! This is my first post, of many, in which I will tell/show you one [...]

The Power Of A Smile

A Smile Matters A smile is a powerful expression of how you feel and a [...]

Laugh Everyday: The Benefits of Laughter

Laugh All Day, Erryday What’s up, everybody! If you’ve been following my Instagram then you know [...]