LET’S HAVE FUN getting mindful!

There is no such thing as a One-Size-Fits-All approach to practicing Mindfulness + Meditation. As someone with ADHD, and high levels of energy, I always found long periods of silence and sitting still difficult, until I created my own formula. I created the Mx3 formula. This combines Mindfulness, Music, and Meditation.


mindfulness + Music + Meditation? What?

YES! It’s so much fun!! I incorporate all three into my coaching.This combination allows for you to experience the benefits of a Mindfulness practice PLUS the benefits of music mood. This allows for neurogenesis and the release of your feel good neurotransmitters, by using auditory stimulation and mindful awareness

I created a special formula that allowed me to achieve a peaceful state of mind in a loud fast paced world. In addition to being a Mindfulness coach, I’m a comedian, musician, singer, and dancer! I love incorporating the arts into my coaching. Laughing is a huge part of getting over anything in life.


Mindfulness and Meditation can be a fun energetic experience!

I was a skeptic once too.

We live in a busy hustle and bustle world. We’re all working around the clock, rushing from one place to another. It seems like all we do is schedule commitment after commitment, next thing you know we’re drained. At this point, the last thing on your mind is meditating or working on self care. I’ve been there. Big time. UNTIL I decided to try out this “meditation” thing. My therapist at the time had suggested I begin applying Mindfulness and Meditation into my daily life, not only to improve my overall well being, but my interpersonal relationships as well. Let me tell you, It wasn’t easy at first. As I mentioned earlier, I have ADHD and it was so hard to sit still for long periods of time. It felt my mind was racing even more than before. I began researching Mindfulness, and with a background in Psychology, I was instantly captivated by this mind-altering practice. I enrolled in an MBSR course, began studying the teachings of Jon-Kabat Zinn, and the rest is history.

Even though I began to apply Mindfulness into my daily life, I still found long periods of meditation a pain. Again, we’re on the go and it’s hard to stop and think “I need to find a quiet place to sit still for a long time”, personally that sounds stressful to me. What if I told you my favorite place to meditate is in my car when the street light is on red? Sounds crazy right? It’s true, but most importantly It WORKS.

After spending countless hours, trying out numerous ways to apply Mindfulness and Meditation into a busy lifestyle, I did it. I made it happen. Next thing you know my anxiety began to subside, I found balance between work and play, but my favorite thing of all, I was able to enjoy every single second of the present moment. Yes, I was able to be so present in the moment, enjoying the good, bad, and ugly, because…mindset is everything.

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Mindfulness and Meditation allowed me to create my dream life.


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